Bangkok International airport is to the west of the city. It is very modern and the structure with all the pillars and canvas looks like it has escaped from the Millenium Dome.

It is clean light and airy and on the way to baggage claim there are smoking rooms choc-a-block with people breathing in each others exhalations.

But I could be wrong, perhaps these rooms are to acclimatise people so they can breathe in downtown Bangkok.

One of the traffic hubs in Bangkok is at the Victory monument and underneath the flyovers is a chaos of city life. Everyboby seems to be selling something, cooking something, eating something, stepping off buses, jumping on tuk-tuks.

The roundabout at Victory momument is a carousel of colour and the noise from traffic and street vendors is deafening. You have to shout the loudest if you have something to sell cos the competition is fierce. Only the buyers are afforded the luxury of being quiet.

Everybody seems to want to go south and there is a night train to Surat Thani which is an eleven hour journey. The train stops at Phunphin and the tough guys head east to Khao Sok national park, while the disco queens head west to the island of Ko Sumoi.

From Phunphin to Khao Sok is 120 Km and it is a two hour drive in a bus. The ticket price is the princely sum of 150 bhat which is approximately 3€. How do they do that? That is incredibly cheap.

In Khao Sok you get jungle. Huge heaving lumps for green, rivers and trees, and birds and butterflies, and monkeys howling in the night. and insects making such a racket you would think they had something to sell, and are practicing to sell their wares under the flyover at Victory momument.

Visit Thailand now. It is the best time of the year. The rains are over, and the temperature is down, and the food, well what can I say... any night in the jungle you can hear the monkeys shout about it.