It all started in Texas. So much oil had been pumped out of the ground that all that was left was a thin crust of earth, and the whole of texas just caved in and took New Mexico and Mexico with it. Then there was this sort of chain reaction what you might call a donino effect, and the whole of the isthmus of Pannama sunk. The whole of Central America disappeared and the Pacfic ocean rushed into the Carribean and Jamaca and Cuba and all of the West Indies disappeared.

But that was only the beginning. Whatever forces and tensions had caused North America and South America to become islands, sent underwater judders around the globe and it looked like all those countries that had been creating caverns in the pit of the earths belly by pumping out oil suddenly collapsed in on themselves. Down went Saudia Arabia and Iraq and Iran and the Indian ocean was joined to the Mediteranian. Italy became a small island off the coast of Switzerland. With this surge of water the central lowlands of Scotland were submerged, and most of England disappeared, as did the coast of Holland.

But hey not to worry, what with all this tectonic activity and the ocean floor cracking up, hot magma and lava, spurting into the sky and darkening the sun, new land was being formed. Pity it was barren.

Then I awaoke and went out and took a picture of rain on a leaf. Life just goes on, even though you dreams might be apocalyptic.