If you really really really want to win a motorbike race then you need the fasterest motorbike in the whole wide world, and it is very important to get a really really really good fast start. A whippy neck start that makes your hair go horiznorckel, cos the accel... acceleramation is really really big, like really big. And don't forget to check over your shoulder for scarves and things what might get caught in your big spinning back wheel.

When you go into the bendy bits, the really really twisty turns, you have to lean like you were on your mommies hip, like way way out on the curvey-wurvies, and that can be scary-wary, what with hair flying in the wind, so you have to get a really really good grip on the handlespars, and brake and accelermate, and brake and accelermate, one after the other for a long long long time.

If you brake too hard you will nearly fly over the handlespars. Wouldn't that be aweful to go whee and fly willy-nilly up in the airy-fairy like a cannon-ball shooter-outer in the circus.

But if you are like clever, and do everything really really well, like make alot of smoke so the other little girls on their motorbikes can't see, and if you always keep them behind you, then at the end of the day you win. And that is how you win a motorbike race. It is really really simple. Really!!!

But don't go near a Vincent Black Lightning 1952