you need a reason to start something new, well, at least I do. social media wasn't on my list up to now. may be the monkish part in me, who knows. but the monk was offered a gift lately he couldn't refuse: a cell of his own - a cute little studio in a nice part of Berlin, a quiet part, of course. and even more: looking down on an old cemetery right in front of my windows. by courtesy of my friend manfred (, who took this nice image of it (sorry for me standing in the way!) I can show it to you here.
it is not a gift, of course, and only rented for a limited time. but I will be using this beautiful space to present works of mine to all of you really interested. these may be new as well as old, there are so many things waiting to be elaborated! this will all be reflected here, on the web, as i am tired of working just for the drawer. so I would be really glad if you would pass by now and again! will you follow me? c_u soon!