I have only seriously spanked two women in my life.

M was an occasional girlfriend at university. She was 19, blond and a little chubby. We met up once or twice a week in her tiny university room, drank coffee and had sex. One afternoon, we were talking in a lazy sort of way about what turned us on and I mentioned spanking. She suggested coyly that I could try it with her. The ceremony of pulling down her jeans and pants and taking her over her my knee had me erect, but anything beyond playful pats was too much for her. We gave up on it.

L was in her mid-forties and I was ten years younger. We met through work and she came to my flat a couple of times a week. She told of a beating she had once given to her twelve year old son with a wooden spoon. I strongly disapproved and asked her whether she had been beaten as a child. She told me that in her family and village only boys were beaten, but had always wondered what it felt like. I made the obvious offer.

Beating L was the opposite to M. I spanked her hard with my hand. I then used a wooden spoon. On every occasion she showed neither pain nor pleasure. Her bottom went red and later bruised. In the end I stopped it because I had no desire to cause injury even if it was with L's consent.

In pornography I do enjoy watching women being caned: the symptoms of pain and the humiliation. Though rare is the opportunity, I will give women corporal punishment within limits and with her consent. The female arse is the magnet of my sexual longings and my first inclination is kiss and drool over it.