When seeing all the Swiss and Portuguese flags hanging out of the windows during my stroll through the streets of Geneva yesterday, I got an idea. Why not try and find a resident fan for each of the teams participating in the Euro 2008 football cup, and this in one day? After all, Geneva is the international city, what with the UN secretary and the dozens of other international organisations here. Said and done, I spent the rest of the day wandering around Geneva, with my head in the clouds looking at windows. Of course I wanted to find flags on residential houses and apartments, not pubs, shops hotels etc.

I gave up at six in the evening without having found neither a Russian nor a Romanian flag (no supporters?) - I wanted to go home to watch Spain - Sweden. Still, 14 out of 16 isn't bad, is it?

The detailed results of my "survey" can be found with the photos...

The story starts here: www.ipernity.com/doc/henryvolt/2201487 then continues by klicking to the left through my photostream.