For seven months I have been looking on the Internet for tour dates of The Police. On the tour page, it always said that "dates in Switzerland are to be confirmed". I have, just because I was too lazy to bother, not looked on that page for two months. Until fifteen minutes ago. And what do I have to read?

The Police, Genève, Stade de la Praille, 16.09.2007, 19:30h.

They are playing right NOW!!!! :-((((((((((((((((((((((((((

The only venue in my region. And there were still tickets left to buy at the stadium! I can almost see the lights of the stadium from my balcony... Luckily I don't hear anything (too far away), otherwise I would go really berserk...

Must... go... outside... kill... kill... KILL... Mwuahahaha!

*insane laughter, fading away*