Dear Rafa,

First of all I’ll send you my sincere congratulation for Monday’s OG victory over Potito Starace.

I’ve noticed that you were playing wearing an orange headband and an orange wristband. I have to admit it: I’ve noticed these details because I’m the international secretary of campaign, see:

Maybe you have noticed that throughout the first half of 2008 we have made an effort to introduce the color orange, on the venues of the Olympics and elsewhere, as a color signalising that there’s something wrong about the human rights in China. We have encouraged athletes and many others to surreptitiously use the color orange to show to the world that although you do accept celebrating the Olympics in splendid surroundings, you are well aware that the human rights situation in China is highly reproachable.

Perhaps your use of the orange color has been utterly accidental, and maybe you do not have heard anything about our campaign. And we’re perfectly well aware that, due to the censorship, you cannot say it overtly, if you have made deliberate use of the orange color. Otherwise you would risk being excluded from them Games.

I’m writing you this letter for various reasons: to congratulate, and to about our Orange campaign (that is widely known among the international reporters located in Beijing), so that you can be prepared for questions from journalists.

Whatever your motives might have been for wearing some orange outfit, I’ll repeat my congratulation for the victory and my sincere wishes for the rest of the Olympics. A medal seems to be realistic, if I’ve understand it well.

If you chose wearing some Orange outfit, you’ll have a nice appearance and at the same time you’ll be supporting a noble cause.

Best Orange wishes