Be one of the butterflies,
flap your wings and release
an orange wind over OG in China
and the rest of the world


Would you like to join a TheColorOrange supporting group in your local area? There are 58 days to the OG2008, so now is the moment to make a massive orange influence by athletes, journalists and other people, for succeeding in creating a butterfly effect, that will make an Orange wind blow in China.

Are you interested in helping the Orange cause on its way, then write us on with your name, address and phone number, then we will set you in contact with other Orange supporters in your local area, so you can get the activities started.

If you have already made a group of friends, classmates, colleagues at work or in sport, it would be great if you could write us, so we can make a fast network of information and inspire each other.

A lot of people have already made groups all over the world, and we hope you also will put your stone in the basket to put focus on the idea by using Orange as a symbol of your support of improving human rights in China.

We have made a list of things the Orange supporting groups could possibly make and a list of questions and answers about Orange supporting groups, see:

>> Download HRIC's report, State Secrets: China's Legal Labyrinth