Can China ban The Color Orange??? Take part in checkmating the Chinese regime and making a global manifestation for human rights. The idea is both sophisticated and simple. By using something with the color orange during the Olympics - both inside and outside of China - you are sending a signal to the world that something is wrong in China. It can be anything, like an orange hat, camera bag, tie, pen, paper, dress, suit, bag etc. Even pealing an orange will be considered a pronounced statement. No political or religious movement can claim to have a monopoly of the initiative. By participating in the project you show that you support the fight for HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA. The initiative can only succeed if a lot of people are aware of the significance of TheColorOrange. This would normally require a publicity budget of million of dollars. This, however, we don't have. But in stead we (might) have you :-) If you, and millions of others, help pass on this idea together we can create a butterfly effect blowing an Orange wind over China. We hope that many individuals and organizations will support this initiative and use the Color Orange. Jens Galschiot, sculptor, Banevaenget 22, DK-5270 Odense N Tel.: +45 6618 4058, Fax: +45 6618 4158 E-mail: