i had to stand up early because i had to go to the marketplace ,the night before was late again found my bed around 3 Oclock.5:30 H my alarm goes and i had to fight against myself i think i need a half an hour and 3 cups of coffee to find myself again.The day on the market was cool all my friends were there to and so the day goes faster.Like always.Marco & Björn were the whole day on my side and we make a lot of fun there.

Still it was cold and i have a bit of back problems so when i stand to long it was not good for my back when i sit to long it was freezing,but you didnt hear me crying there we were busy with the sales and having alot of fun.It was 1900h when i get home Kristiana made some hamburgers and they taste great ,when i was eating i watched  a movie in the internet and when i  finished eating i felt a sleep on my chair in front of my Computer.I think it was a hard day after all