So yes, a while ago I posted that I was having a freak-out and totally stressing. Well here's the story.

It was 8 May (Ag Mei - heh heh) and I'd been invited to lunch by one of our clients at work. Normally it's my boss that gets invited out, so this was a total surprise!! I'd been setting up brochures for this client for years and they thought it would be nice to treat me to a lunch.

Now, I was just thinking "Yeah, a nice quiet lunch at the Italian place round the corner" for example, but when I asked where we would be dining, she said it was a place called sketch ( ), off Oxford street in the centre of London. My next question was "and the dress code?", to which she just replied "oh sort of smart"

Well, that put me into "freak out" mode. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not one for dressing up. I own 1 pair of high heels and not a skirt in sight! I'm comfortable in takkies (sneakers), pants and a Tshirt. Ask me to wear anything else and it throws me into the deep end, with no waterwings!!! So the day before I rummaged through my "extensive" wardrobe and found something to wear. Now all I had to do was worry about how to get there.

Well, the day finally arrived. I tried to work in the morning, but was really uptight and stressed out. Am I going to get there ok? Will I look ok? What will they think? Etc etc.... so I wrote my "freaked out" post, and then left to catch the bus. I got there ok, met them and then couldn't understand my worry - they were dressed pretty similarly to me (yay) and we headed in to the restaurant.

My word! It was like a different world. I had no idea that her boss actually owned the restaurant so they all knew her there. The Maitre d' gave us the history behind the place, took our coats and said we could go on a tour of the place. It has different rooms, all laid out for different functions. It was so impressive! The last room was the coolest ever. It was the VIP suite, which looked like a giant white egg with a curved staircase up either side. At the top of each staircase were 2 more eggs - these were the VIP loos. This, I was told, is where the band Girls Aloud had a photo shoot.

We then made our way to the upper dining hall. It was a wonder in mirrors and decor. My aunt would have loved it - she likes restaurants that have real table cloths on the tables! All the waiters were French so I did my best to understand what they were trying to tell me. They gave us water. They brought us pink champagne (yes, the proper stuff!!) They gave us a selection of 5 different types of breads (one that had herbs in it, one that was wheat, a potato one, a ciabatta type one and a cheesy onion one) and 2 kinds of butter in the middle of the table. Very strange. One was a little square block and one was a cone shape... we then figured out that one was salted butter, the other unsalted - incredible!!

....continued in part 2