So yes, this is part 2 of the tale.

Now in my last story, I ranted and raved about how bad the economy of Zambia was. I tore their load-shedding policy to shreds. It wasn't pretty, I do admit. So... I'm thinking "Comeback" in part 2...


Well D "went" back.... and now he wants to "come" back..... that's about all I can muster!!!

So where was I... well, in part 1, I'd made a list of all the great things that D had "experienced" whilst being in the wondrous land of Zambia, less than a month, I add. Super things, like getting bitten by random creatures, going to hospital, getting half mugged....etc etc... Well, this next one just takes the cake!

D was broad the middle of town...!

Yes...mugged...again! Luckily (I'm assuming) the police caught the 2 attackers, as D and them all ended up at the police station. The police said that yes, D had used force, when they saw the one attacker had a broken jaw and the other had broken ribs, but they concluded D did it in self defence..... when they found the big knives the attackers attacked him with!! Incredible!

All I said was that I just said I'm glad D knows how to defend himself!! Can you imagine?!!!

It just reiterates my complaint about being white equalling being rich. Don't they get it??!! If you are white it doesn't mean you are! I'm not rich - I just have a few rich friends! And many of them are black!!!!!! And these big organisations and charities that ask for aid and help for Africa - what do they show on the TV??? Poor, sick, BLACK people!!! What about the poor, sick WHITE people??!! They make it seem that "oooh, they have to "step in" because "us rich white people" are not taking care of the "poor black people".... what about the schools and hospitals the government built which black people burned and ransacked??!! What's the point?! They say they were given no opportunities - uh.... how you going to have opportunities if you're going to burn, steal and ransack everything?! I hated school, but I didn't burn the place down?! I worked flippin hard to get where I am today, and that's not much... but at least I can say I worked for it! I would hate to be a black person and only be given the job because I was "filling the colour quota" - how degrading!!!!!!

Anyhow... I digress...

So yes, D is still alive, thank goodness!!