So I was a few days ago, being all sarcastic and ripping the whole "load-shedding" thing to pieces (which was fun, I do admit sheepishly) when VOILA! the rug was pulled from under my feet.

Well, since I now have SOOO much free time on my hands (ha ha!) I've been doing babysitting for a friends of mine who have 4 cool kids. So I head over last night to sit for them. The 3 youngest were put to bed and the eldest girl was allowed to stay up a little later. So they got ready and no sooner had they stepped out of the door and driven off when....




Ha ha! Yup - no electricity! Well, first we thought it may have been the dishwasher that tripped only our power but upon standing at the window like meerkatte we noticed that the whole place was out...except for one random streetlamp which was still on....!

Well, taking it all in our stride, next thing was to find the matches. Now since I'd seen her mom take matches from one of the drawers on this chest we started the light of my trusty mobile phone (*mwah mwah* love you phonie!) but didn't find them. Next my ward thought of the "lighter stick" (you press the button and use it to light stoves with the spark...don't know the name of it...) but couldn't get a flame. Then when all hope was lost... little bright spark remembered seeing her mom put on the shelf above the stove *phew* found some!!!!!

So we went around lighting candles which was fun. We chatted a bit, ate some fruit and just as I was saying "ok now it's time for bed"


power on!

1 and a half hours later

So all the kids in bed I was left to my own devices (which included having some supper (finally) - I wasn't about to try warm spaghetti bolognese with a candle now!! heh heh - and chillin, though no tv cos the sound was bust) It was fun just sitting and relaxing until they returned and we had a good laugh about it all.

Since the weather was rotten, I got a lift home and while chatting in the car it came out that only a few days prior my friend was contemplating where to put matches and wasn't sure where...finally decided to keep one box above the stove.... *grin*