So, David has gone off home, back to Zambia, a hot, dry little country in the middle of "darkest" Africa. Now I say "darkest" because they are having power cuts there every day. Yes, correct - no electricity. It's something called "load shedding" - a new government initiative designed to make inhabitants feel great and keep them guessing. The "idea behind the idea", is they cut the power to one place, while giving it to another, and then visa versa. It's fun and games. Gives the inhabitants something to look forward to, I would have thought.

There are so many benefits to load shedding, which is probably why Zambia is following hot on South Africa's heels in doing it! Here are some that I've thought of (which you could actually turn into a great board game):

  • Vrot or Not
    timing how long it takes the food in your fridge or freezer to go off
  • Russian Roulette Shower
    turn on - hot water - turn off - turn on - OH! no water at all - don't bother turning off - walk around soapy all day
  • Penguin-shuffle Toilet
    purposefully eat something dodgy and give yourself the runs then hope they keep the electricity on so you can flush.....pleasant :)
  • Marco Polo in the Dark
    wait till there's no electricity at night, then play the game normally reserved for the pool, in your livingroom (have the hospital on speed dial in the event of falling over furniture - oh electricity, no phone.... heh heh all the more fun!)
  • Eat In or Out
    plan for a supper, go the whole hog and invite friends over, then see if there's power and either eat in or get take out... from somewhere with power hopefully!
  • Betting Zone
    take bets with your friends (for money of course!) on which area will be cut off next (best played at night when you can see the lights go off...oh and don't forget to listen for the screams!)

So yes, with all the delights load shedding has to offer you'd think David was settling right in. I mean, since he hasn't been home in....oh 15 years or so.... 8 of which were spent in the UK under the harshest of conditions, I do add! I mean, shops close at 4pm on a Sunday - what's that all about?! And things like constant rain and grey skies! Harsh I tell you, just harsh!!

So living in hot, dry, sunny Zambia should be great change!

Well, I've been tracking his progress and he seems to be doing just fine. After just 2 weeks out there he's:

  • worked on the farm
  • got sunburned
  • got bitten by some mystery animal (which made his leg swell, gave him a headache and made him vomit)
  • gone to hospital (for injections and medicine for said mystery animal bite)
  • got half mugged in town (I say half because they only stole his money, not his watch, phone or ID Card *phew*)
  • almost got arrested for travelling (by accident) on an illegal bus
  • gone to a traditional African wedding
  • got the Penguin-shuffle from trying the Wedding food (worms (dead and live), goat, fish, plants (which plants....he's unsure!) and loads of beer)
  • had the Penguin-shuffle during a load shedding session (ha ha *doh*)

So yes.... an exciting place Africa is, isn't it :D

And here I the UK.... in the rain....wooo....