So ja. I'm sitting at home sick (say it - go on, I know you want to... it's what everyone has said when I've told them I've got the flu - "AGAIN??!!" And no it's not "again", since I had gastroenteritus the last time and have not had flu since last year! *grumble grumble*) sitting here, unable to talk because every time I swallow or open my mouth it feels like I've got razor blades going in my throat, I wonder "What the heck is up with 2008??!!"

EVERYONE is getting sick - and not just normal "sick", like MAJOR "I-need-antibiotics-like-NOW-or-else-I'm-going-to-die-bubonic-plague" kind of sick! It's all a bit too weird! It's like everything that could go wrong, is.... and is going wrong in spectacular fashion! From people getting sick, to others having to undergo major operations for life-threatening things, to businesses going bust and governments and economies going up the creek with no paddle. It's all a bit crazy, if you ask me.

And don't get me started on the incompetencies going on in my country at the moment - good grief! (I just read in the news that Escom has paid its directors R10million in bonuses for doing good work! Yes! for those of you who are sitting in darkness at the moment, without electricity or water, it is true....!) Just how much more ludicrous do things have to get?! Man I'd like to get paid R10million for doing jack-all!!! Oh wait, sorry, I couldn't apply for the job. No not because I haven't got the skills for it, that doesn't count for anything, remember, it's because my skin is not the right colour to fill the "colour quota".... yes, it is true....studying hard like your parents did to get a good job is a thing of the past in our "new South Africa". It's all about colour. And here I thought we were moving forward - equal opportunities and no more discrimination and what not. Doesn't sound very equal to me. But hey...what do I know. I'm white. And in the world's eyes, I'm seen as the root cause of the problem.

But yes, I digress...

Disillusioned. I guess that's how I'd describe my feelings at the moment. That and a general sense of "what the...??!!" coupled with a generous helping of "say that again?!!!" and a dollop of "No way!!!" I mean if this is just the start of 2008, what's to come?! Dare I hope for better or am I just being an April Fool?