So we were on the bus home tonight, after a super homecell time with Hannah and a stint of late night shopping at Tesco, and me and D started chatting, since I hadn't seen him the whole week because he was off doing a medical trial. Oh dear did it slowly decentigrate into hoots of laughter!


On the Bus

"I think you'd do well in the army" I said to D. "You like having a reigime to follow."

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do," I replied. "You like it when you get told when to eat and get up and do stuff. You'll be great."

"I'd rather join the police force," D sniffed.

"Naaah, the army would be better," I said, looking out the window at the buildings going by.

"I'm too old to join the army. They have an age limit."

I looked at him, incredulous. "What? You're kidding?!"

"No. It wouldn't be good if they said 'Charge!' and an old pensioner came wheeling along!" he said, making rolling zimmerframe movements. "Especially if they started firing!"

This sent me into fits of laughter.

"What! He could just lift his bedpan as a shield!!" I giggled, things slowly spiralling the plug hole.

"And what if they were trying to issue orders and "pop" out came the false teeth!"

This was just too much. I was almost in tears.

"Funny boy!" I exclaimed. "Ring the bell - it's the stop!"