Yes - ridiculous as it may sound! And there was me being all hopeful for a super February!!!
Well, since being ill and blah blah since the beginning of January, my doctor FINALLY bit the bullet and decided to give me antibiotics....well, a good thing, since things hadn't gotten better...they'd actually gotten worse.

So of course I was cow-jumped-over-the-moon deliriously happy!!!! Diligently started taking them and wow! amazing! started feeling better. More energy. Lively. I was a different person. I even managed to eat a bit of supper without writhing in agony!

That was until 3am...when the pain came back with a vengeance... and things progressed worse when I got up for work.

Well, made it to work ok and had just taken my antibiotic when it hit me, like a fish slap in the face. These were the exact same antibiotics he'd prescribed me 2 years ago when I had really bad flu....AND THEY GAVE ME DIARRHOEA. He gave me something that gives me the runs, to get rid of the runs.....!!!! It cant get better than this, man! What, is he working on the principal that 2 negatives make a positive, or something??!!!! I mean come on now! I know I was trying to see the funny side of being ill for a month, but this is just a joke now!

So I go back to see him this morning and he's like "Oh sorry. Good thing you remembered." Speechless. I was absolutely speechless! And then as I'm leaving he says "Doctors, huh! We just make things worse, don't we?" Incredible! I felt like turning and saying "Finally you got something right!"... but I just walked away.

I am now taking a herbal supplement and am going to ride it out... in all senses of the word! Me, and my half eaten banana sitting here next to me, we'll get through!