January, my January,
You sure did fly by fast.
First a-trot, then the runs,
It really was a blast!

My carpet's now a beaten track.
It's where I honed the skill
To do the Penguin Shuffle
(which I now do very well!)

Yes! I thought, more time to rest!
At last I'd got some space.
But no, you had me up all night!
What for???!! It's not a race!!!

Back and forth, you had me go
Yes! at your beck and call.
Poor doctor didn't have a clue
I was having such a ball.....at all!

My friends thought I had gone abroad...
Gone home to get some sun,
But like a leper I stayed away
In case I shared the fun!

In the end I finally ended up
Tethered to a drip.
Feeling better, they sent me home,
A banana in my grip.

So finally along my February came,
A-skiddin' round the bend.
Good bye to you, my January,
I'm real glad to see you end!!!