Feel like I'm in Big Brother at home at the moment!
[voice of Big Brother] "And it's Day 2 in the house. The housemates have just woken up to the sound of the foghorn and housemate number 1 is in the shower. Oh dear, he's closed the window. Hopefully he will remember to open it when he's done - nope. I wonder what housemate number 2 (me) will say when she gets up and into the bathroom. Here she goes....wait for it.... Ooooooooh... she's not impressed. Nice one housemate number 1!"
Yup - I'm having bathroom wars again :( We have a cleaning rota for the house and each week tasks are split between 3 people. So for instance we have:
Person 1 - Cleans upstairs bathrooms and vacuum's the carpet and stairs
Person 2 - Cleans downstairs bathroom, mops wooden floor and cleans up entrance (shoes)
Person 3 - Cleans kitchen surfaces, sink, stove, fridges and empties dustbin
But... do you think anyone besides me and one other girl bothers? Out of 9 housemates only 2 do any cleaning! It is really beginning to drive me crazy! They can't tell me they actually LIKE living in a pig sty? And they have the audacity to tick next to their names as though they've done their job, which they clearly haven't! Reason I can say this is....
This weekend it was my turn to clean the kitchen area... Oh boy - what a state the kitchen was in! I mean come on now! As one knows - oil gets EVERYWHERE - and if not cleaned properly, forms this disgusting, sticky layer on every surface. Well, knowing my housemates, when it's their turn to clean the kitchen what do they do..... they clean the stove top, wipe the counter top, pack away the dishes and thats IT!
So I get to the kitchen and oh my! The extractor fan on top of the stove was so caked in oil I had to scrub and scrub and eventually haul out the big guns in the shape of a metal scourer! Took D and I an hour and a half to clean the place! The kettle had never been cleaned in its life. The microwave.... *shudder* something had exploded in it, and whoever's food it was only just wiped the bottom surface.. the roof and sides looked like...well I don't like to say - I'm feeling nauseous already!!! Now comes the fun part.
D was busy unblocking the drain for the sink (because people in my house love washing food down the drain instead of taking it out and throwing it in the bin) so I had to use the basin in the downstairs bathroom to wash out my grease-caked scourer... YIKES! Now I knew the designated people had not been cleaning the downstairs bathroom, which thankfully I never have to set foot in, but man I didn't know just how long it had been going on! Ok, use the bathroom I use, as a comparison. When I clean, I know that I will have to wait roughly 4 weeks for it to be cleaned properly again - thats because the girl after me cleans, the others after her don't and the next time it gets cleaned is by me. Now, even though it only gets cleaned so little, the basin is still white. Well, I walked into the downstairs bathroom and was shocked. The basin was YELLOW...! And FURRY...! And not just a part of it - THE WHOLE THING!!!
Now if I had thought quickly, I would have cleaned half of it just so they could see the difference - but I was so disgusted I just started scrubbing away. Well, I sprayed and sprayed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I even hauled out the trusty metal scourer - it took me a good 10 minutes to get it shiny and white and clean! (And you don't even want to know what the state of the rest of it is in!)Now, if the basin was in that kind of state, logically it means it has to have been about 6 months since it had been cleaned! Ridiculous! I couldn't believe it!
It's not like they don't have any cleaning utensils or sprays. It's not like they work - they're all students. And these people have the audacity to tick the list saying they've done their cleaning! That's what gets me the most! Aaarrrggghhh! The joy of living in communal accommodation!