So, Monday this week was the first day back at work (first FULL official day - can't count the 2 half days I went to work) since I got sick and was booked off work for 2 weeks. Yippee (she says with about as much enthusiasm as a ....well as someone who's been off for a month and now has to do some work!
The office isn't TOO busy at the moment - I think I missed the back-to-work-new-year-rush - which is a good thing I think - start slowly and get into the swing of things - I mean I havent done a full day's work since being off on holiday for Christmas 4 weeks ago....yes, I've been off work for a MONTH!!! Doesn't feel like it though, although near the end I was starting to get itchy feet - and NO it's not athletes foot! It's the longest I've been off EVER! Not much of a holiday though, thats for sure!
Running to the loo and feeling awful really takes it's toll on a person, especially since I was feeling faint on top of it all. At one stage I felt like I did once in school - I was running to the loo from my room but fainted just in front of the loo. I remember waking up on the nice cold stone floor. Yup - felt like that - it wasn't nice! At least my room is close to the toilet, and there's 2 if I'm really desperate, which I was, a couple of times!!!!! Work is a bit different though. At a fast walk, it takes about 2 and a half minutes from the front door to get to the girls the other's a nightmare at times when you really need it!!!!! We always have customers coming in, ok mostly oldish customers, who want to use our loo...we tell them if they don't have a map and a packed lunch they may not make it. It's quite a mission!
So ja, I STILL don't know EXACTLY what I had... I thought I had the dreaded norovirus... but that wasn't the case when my symptoms lasted more than the 48 hours it is supposed to last. The doc didn't have a clue! Thought the doc would have prescribed something when I was there a week into the saga! But nope. I ended up asking my mom for advice (she was a nurse) and she told me to get some stuff from the chemist to replace my salts. Sachets you have to dissolve in water, that taste horrid! Something called Dioralyte. I told the doc I was taking them, and he said "Oh, that's good" - incredible!! What did he tell me to get? Tablets from the health food shop that cost me £17.95 to fix the bacteria in my tummy....!!!!!!!!! When I could have just got the Dioralyte which cost me £3!!!! I was not impressed!
So I'm back onto eating normal-ish food, (though I ate a tomato and cheese sarmie for lunch and now feel awful!) but I still don't know what was/ is wrong with me... Great! Man it sux being sick!!!! *bah*