...buying a boat.
With a boat, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. 
With trapping, if you have to ask what the right settings are, you shouldn't set the trapping. 

So I'm working in InDesign CS2. A massive job comes in - a job that has to be printed in 5 colours, but one section of 4 colour text is printing over the 5th spot colour and I don't want it to knock the spot colour out....hence the need to use trapping...yeeesh, fiddly trapping, I say! (sorry for the "techi talk") My colleague asks for a helping hand.....

So, first things first, I try my usual "I am a genius I can wangle it myself" method, to no avail. Second, I tried the "phone a friend" lifeline, but no. Third I tried InDesign help...uh oh! NO! So, my last port of call was a website I use quite often when I have hard-to-answer-technical questions is www.deja.com (or Google groups).....and yeah.....great lot of help they were!!!!! I get the "trapping is like....." (a box of chocolates) line.

AARRGHH.....suggestions anyone...?