Well, as I was doing a bit of cultural uploading yesterday, I stumbled across a fantastic song by one of my favourite musicians.

Let's see if you know who he is....
Born just outside Manchester in the UK but spent all his life in South Africa/Zambia/Zimbabwe
Called the "White Zulu"
He wrote songs called "Third World Child", "Dela", "Scatterlings of Africa", to name a very few
Bands names were "Savuka" and "Juluka"

Ok ok ok.....so you got it yet? No?? Ok then....
he's the excellent Mr Johnny Clegg

So I thought I'd put the vid on my blog as we're in the middle of the Rugby World Cup and this song was written as a "happy salute to the French and South African rugby teams".

I also love this song for other reasons. It reminds me of when I would go and watch college rugby - when I was the only white supporter of our black team, with my boyfriend the only white player in their team. It was exhilirating and scary at the same time....worrying if he would escape a beating or a rucking or some other injury....for either being the only white on the field, or for playing for a black team. Those were some great games with some great teammates - some memories I'll never forget!

The song is called Jongosi - which literaly means ´a young powerful ox'. This is for all young sportsmen and women who, in a special moment of commitment, elevate their skill to highest possible level.

Watch the video here:

Here are the lyrics:

Today is the reckoning
Today we hold the line
Today is the quickening
Of the blood and the soul and the mind
I see the colour of spirit
I see the colour of pain
I see the colour of brotherhood
In the burning rain

Hey, young warriors
They will overcome all challenges ahead

These are the days you will remember
These are the days of dreams
These are the days of no-surrender
These are the days of wonder
These are the days of life
These are the days of thunder
We are the river running
We are the mighty sea
Feel the spirit and the power


Today we stand together
Today we hold the line
Today we live forever

I can feel your heart beat
Like a warrior’s drum
I can see your eyes on fire
Like the flame in the sun
I see lives in the balance
I see the future on hold
I feel a hurricane
And courage in the bone