Hey Ipernity people

I wanted to let you guys know about my journey to the KISS Concert in Oberhausen / Germany on 9th May 2008. I hope this won't take ages to tell you my story...


So my KISS day started at 6:50 am with getting ready for school. It was a normal school day, boring, but I was in a very good mood like you can maybe imagine ;)

My last school lesson was English, and when the bell rang, I ran out of the classroom, ran home, changed clothes, get my bag and went to the train station with my boyfriend. I was in a hurry because my schoolday just ended at 12:20, and I had to go home, and to the train station, getting the train ticket and then trying to catch the train at 13:03.

As I got my ticket, the train arrived and unfortunately we had to stand the way from Soest to Dortmund, where we had to change the train.
There was
a hurry too, because we had to change trains in just about 12 minutes, which was actually okay, BUT the wonderful DB had a delay and we arrived at 14:00 instead of 13:50. Our train to Oberhausen started at 14:02 so we had to run upstairs, running from platform 4 to platform 26 and upstairs again, in just 2 minutes!!


So we got it and could sit finally. I sent a SMS to a friend to tell him, that we're there soon and he replied, that there wouldnt be many people in front of the arena, so he would be in the CentrO ( a big shopping mall in Oberhausen ).
When we arrived in Oberhausen we took the street car to the arena and looked around. I was so happy to see all the people with KISS shirts, even some KISS masked people! I felt like being home at my KISS family
First we went to the CentrO and took something to eat at Burger King ♥.. I met that friend I sent that sms to before.. (well, actually he met me, he recognized me there *hehe*) and then we went to the arena and waited for hours.

As the doors opened I was so nervous! A woman took a look in my bag, and we went inside. I have never ever been to an arena, so it was quite big for me and really exciting.
I found me again in the second row, was amazed by the huge "KISS Army" banner and looked around for two ho
urs. (yes, two hours....) I always looked at the microphones and said "Oh, Gene is going to be here, and Paul here, Tommy here..." blahblah and was really really amazed by that situation and I realized that I am going to see KISS live! Just three metres between Gene & co and me!

The supporting band "Cinder Road" started their "concert". Actually they were pretty okay, the singer had a nice ass xDD but all in all, they were boring... Every song was like the same sound... But when they played "Rebel Yell" from Billy Idol, the people in the arena freaked out. The only song they knew and everyone screamed the lyrics. Great feeling!


Actually you know how a KISS concert starts, even if you have never been to one. So I knew, that there were 4 points.
1.) no light anymore, everything's dark
2.) you hear grumble

3.) a voice says "Alright [city]! You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band of the world.... KISS!!!"
4.) everyone screams and KISS starts to play.

So the first point was done. The lights were switched off, but you couldnt hear any grumble. But I was excited and nervous anyway. A huuuuuuge banner came from the ceiling and you could hear "Won't get fooled again". We all thought that the concert begins... But no. (please start video. Thank you :D )


Everyone was excited now and ready for KISS. And me? I was doing okay actually. I think I haven't realized that my dream comes true soon. So I was cool and chilled.

BUT when the grumble started I was trembling. I just put out my camera and started to film. I hoped I could get the historical moment on my camera, that part when KISS starts to play.

And I got it

Please see this video, don't turn it off or so, even if you think, it's not worth it. ;) IT IS!

(my camera isn't the best for filming suc
h a loud concert, so sorry. You have to turn up the volume at your PC speaker... )

I made hundreds of photos as you have seen in my docs here and maybe you have seen all those, so I just put some here in that, that you don't get more bored... ;)


So my dream was reality now. I had a real great time and I really really enjoyed it but after a time I had to go. Unfortunately yes. I had to go because I started to tremble, my feet hurted and I almost faint. It was because I drank too less. In the arena it was very very hot and with the pyros of KISS it was much hotter so I made the sad decision to go

I know it was better for me, but I was so damn sad, I just wanted to cry.

My boyfriend and me went outside and I told him, that we should go quickly anywhere else (after drinking a litre of water...) because if I hear KISS at this moment I would go inside again and so we started to go home...

It was a great day, actually, but sad too.

We were at home at 2 o'clock and fell asleep soon.

Although it was a short concert for me (1 1/2 hours of actual 2 hours) it was awesome!



For further photos and videos SEE HERE