Good morning everybody,
this Saturday is my almost last day in holiday, because I have to start learning tomorrow. School starts on Monday, I think I've everything forgotten I've learned there X)

But, however. I woke up, few moments ago, and I looked out of the window and saw wonderful blue sky and sun. Perfect for a little walk with my camera, don't you think?
I read in the newspaper yesterday, that there's something going on on the market place here in Soest, my homecity. I'll tell you what.. :)
-> Saturday: 13 o'clock, childrens programme with many toys, that they can play untik they're really tired! 17 o'clock, on stage a showprogramme with a quiz and a karaoke contest plus a mini playback show for everyone!  20 o'clock, they show Blues Brothers on stage, the movie, so that you can watch it open air!
-> Sunday, the same until 19 o'clock, then they show Dirty Dancing! And our famous "City run" is there. It's a contest for sporty people who really like running. But well, I ran there too, few years ago.. To be honest, I was the 749 one... from 750... :( But whatever, it's cool for taking photos and stuff :]
And of course, like every Sunday, when somethings going on in the city, the shops are open from 13 o'clock!

~of course, everything is for free!!!!~

So, people from IP, and of course from Soest, come here and have fun! We'll see us! :)