Yesterday I went to Fort Fun with my boyfriend Marcel, my sister Miriam and her friend Sarah. Fort Fun is an amusement park and actually I don't like things like that. I don't like any carousels at all. But hey, I did this, because Marcel likes it and it was his birthday.
So well, Miriam and Sarah went around and had much fun. Marcel ad much fun too, but not me. It was all too scary for me, even the rollercoaster for kids. I don't like the feeling, losing the control of my body and don't know whats going on. So thats why I didnt like this park at all. It's mostly all for kids, even a rollercoaster where you hang upside down! I sat around and thought I could take some pictures, while my boyfriend is having fun in the carousels. Not a pretty good idea, because my day got even worse. My cam didnt work and I got pretty angry. Now I know the reason.. Probably my memory card broken, because when I got it out of the camera, it worked. I told that to my sister and she said, that she has her camera with her, that I could use it. I took it and I almost fell in love. It's not a soooo grat one, a Kodak digital camera with 7,1 MP, but it's even better than mine (Nytech digital camera, 5.0 MP). So my mood changed from worse to okay and I started to take some photos and beside that, being angry, that a person, who just has a camera for taking photos of anything, and not being interested, if this is a good photo or not, has a good camera like that. I found it pretty unfair, but okay, that's life, I have to accept it.
So now I will upload some photos and videos of Fort Fun yesterday and I hope, you'll enjoy.

PS: Don't wonder if I don't look like everyday, I am pretty ill, got a flu... ;)