Whew... working 12hr days to make up for November, how did I get so far behind. Making a document that is needed shortly (must present next Weds).

Picture taking is on hold, camera still needs to be sent back to Fuji for the fix.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas it seems like people get silly and start doing bizarre things. Trying to keep myself on the ground, birthday coming up on the 11th (hers) and I better not forget a present, it is way to cold to be sleeping in the dog house. It will be in the mid teens tomorrow and 11º F Saturday nite. Brr...

Not much new to add, boss wants me in Penang the week before Christmas, I just can't see myself going there even though it is plenty of notice. We'll see how strong my willpower is... nothing personal or career is riding on it for me.

Hope you all are keeping warm!