First snow of the season last night. 3" about 7.5cm, it was a good start for the skiers. In the mountains they were getting over 10" about 39cm. It took me about an hour plus to shovel myself and my neighbors drive plus a few paths out back for the dachshunds! 3" is almost shoulder high and they hate dragging their tummies in the snow!

First snow is always so clean and fresh, in a few days when it has been sprayed around and muddied it loses that first feeling. I think on the news over 20 cars went off the road last evening. One driver said, she was driving normal like when it rains and touched her brakes and swerved to avoid a traffic slow down and off into the median she went... several others who follow too close driving to fast will and have already experienced the same.

It took me three seasons to figure this out after I first moved north. On a little corner near work I did a complete 360º turn around, ending up where I was headed in the first place. Second year same corner a little slower did a 180º turn and ended up heading back where I was coming from. Third year saw that sparkle of the first ice and slowed down. Haven't lost it since (24yrs) and have only been stuck once but worked it out.

Took some pics of the snow and will post, have a great season!