HOme from Texas, mother is visiting for the month. It is always fun when mother visits, at 85 she is very active with a great memory and so we hear stories from our youth, about dad and family. She also loves to play board games, especially Scrabble, she hates to lose, knows many ways to use the 'Q' that does not involve a 'U' and would play everyday if asked.

When we came out of the airport into the fall air.... holy smokes! It was freezing! By the time I walked to the car and warmed it up, my hands were aching and it took a while to warm up. Mother did very well even though we had to walk a ways in Denver out to the end of the terminal. She was out of breath when we got there just in time to board.

The flight from Denver was a little rough but we all faired well. It was good to get home, the dogs were excited and it was not long until we had a fire warming the house and our hearts.

My grandson is beautiful and we took several hundred pictures of him. Met many cousins at my mother's sisters (my Aunts) home. Took a number of pictures to share with the family here. Only having been there once myself for just a couple hours, I was really amazed when cousins from Florida, California and all over Texas came to meet mother. Family is a big deal with them and it took a lot of getting used to, especially all the Tom's, Tommy's and Thomas' named after my Grandfather.... didn't think I was the only one but was surprised.

a great trip all in all.