Sitting in Cypress, Tx it is 85°F and muggy. Have driven down to Bay City, a couple of times for a family gathering. About 100miles one way it takes 2hours by car.

My grandson has grown since I last saw him, he is almost 4mos old and very active. He is really happy and smiles a lot. This morning at 4:30am, heard him talking and making baby noises in his room. He is very content and already sleeping through the night.

This has been a good week to get away job pressures and general issues are taking it's toll on my piece of mind and I needed time to get away and think about it. Usually that entails a lot of food and drink but I am really trying to watch my weight and not gain it back. Have lost over 40lbs this year and need to lose a bit more.

Have been in a photo-funk and haven't taken too many pictures, but have taken a lot of the reunion and of my grandson. My 9000 has a fault and the thumb wheel is still not working, don't want to send it in until I have a break, with the holidays coming up it is a bad time.

Talked to my friend and it always lifts my spirits. 

Expecting snow back home soon and so I found a nice coat to wear this winter.

My photography sucks right now!