Mother is visiting from Oregon, we will fly to Texas tomorrow. She will see her newest great grandson (my first) and then we will go to her sisters (my aunt), the last of her siblings. She is a bit nervous as she has not seen her sister for nearly 30yrs.

She will stay with us until Dec 1 and then she will fly back home. We plan to have a Thanksgiving celebration, my son will come from Oklahoma with his girlfriend and my daughter will also join us. The leaves have just about all come down now as the night time temperatures are dipping into the 20's (below freezing). We are having a couple of warm days  but rain/snow maybe later this week.

Haven't taken any great pictures am in a kinda photo-funk. Haven't been out on a photo shoot since last fall. This is getting serious. My 9000 has a fault in the thumb wheel and I am not able to use many functions since that is how they are selected. Manual and other non-automatic modes are useless.

I am reluctant to send it away as I at least can use it for taking pics of my son and his family!

Hope you are all having a better season than I apparently am.

Interviewing today!

Dentist today!