Well, survived another weekend. Had a guest from Malaysia via Seattle, a real wonderful lady. She just came in and took over our home. She was the best visitor we have experienced in a long time. Just acted like family and helped herself did not need any special attention so we had a wonderful time sharing experiences.

She was here  to lead a seminar and spent most of the weekend, when not presenting, on the computer fixing her notes and revising her reports for the audiences. It was incredible to watch.

Almost lost Chloe last week (our mini-dachshund). She got a bone from a pork roast and by the time she was nearly finished with it, it nearly finished her. She ended up not eating for a week, finally at the vet for an overnighter and treatment for dehydration and antibiotices, she came home friday and by Sunday was back to her playful self. We learn our lesson, no more chew toys, no more bones.... that bone cost more than the whole pig!  WOW!

It is getting down below freezing at night and we are burning fires to keep warm. Have been scouring the hillsides for burnable wood. We have about 4cords in and need a couple more.

Nothing much else going on!