Weds pm, some kids using a BB gun broke the window in my old Bronco. It is just starting to rain this week so I had to get it fixed right away. A fellow came to the house and fixed the car in my garage. He was originally from the Republic of Georgia and very interesting to speak with. He was definitely an expert of the car glass and fixed it in about 30mins

This is the fourth window for this old car. Break in when I lived downtown, lost the stereo. That time it was only parked outside for less than twenty minutes. Next time it was here, broke the wing and stole the stereo, that time they did not get the face so it was useless. Came back the next day and broke out the rear glass just to be honery (sic) I guess. Then the BB.

Trying not to get too emotional about it as one is fairly impotent against these sorts of things. The repairman (Jacob) said that over 500 windows had been shot out. Funny I didn't read about it but he suggested that I should report it as they had caught someone. Well it is already fixed what the heck.

Am getting my days and nights back after last weeks trip to Seoul. That was very interesting and for me and first trip to Korea. My next planned trip is Penang, possibly Tokyo again and also Manila. After that I will be looking for work.

Sun is out so I better take a picture, it gets gray here in the fall and stays that way until march sometimes!