It has been over 24 hours since I got up this morning in Korea (Sat Oct 13) and it is still Sat Oct 13. Totally weirds me a little as this week was only six days long. Same about of hours but divided up weirdly. Headed west Monday am, and after what amount to a couple of locals and one 10 hour flight it was Tuesday Midnite in Seongynam city when I went to bed. Worked three days and home the fourth only the whole week was gone. Hmm

Missed a chance to stop in Tokyo to visit a good friend but will have to reserve that for another time. Worked on new project for my old company (I will leave in April) and will still have to be in Malaysia sometime early next year as well and Manila around the same time.

Took a few snaps around the city, was on foot so did not get too far. Was surprised that this city so far out of Seoul had such a strong western influence.

My head is spinning but I know I cannot sleep right now. It is only 9:30om after one heck of a long day.