It is Saturday morning, am at mother's to prune her tree's and shrubs before winter sets in. My better half in in Portland, OR preparing for the Portland Marathon, she and a friend will be particpating. When I get home Sunday night, I will have to pack (finish packing) for a trip to Korea.

I will leave Monday and return the following Saturday. A quick business trip. Hopefully I will have a chance to pull out my camera whilest I am there. WIll be working in the area of Seoul.

Life is continually changing and somethimes I never know where the next twist will come from. I have learned to take each thing (event) as they come and to mine them for all they are worth. Having seen and gone more places by accident (not my own plans) then most plan for, it always fun to think about and wonder how it is I came to be here. Mostly by saying yes to every opportunity that comes along. Not resisiting, even if it is inconvenient, and then flexing to meet each challange.

Hope you all are enjoying your experiences, each as they come, and each for it's own lesson!

Hayduke Lives