Been a busy week, couldn't sleep so fussing around on the net. A friend gave me a bunch of cabinets from a contruction job he is working. Hung them in the garage yesterday, realIly changes the look of the place. Now I guess I should figure out what to put in them.

Have not taken any pictures for several weeks. My studio has been in a state of confusion and clutter as we have been doing a little travel and then remodel when home. Just cleared out the center and beginning to get my lighting set back up.

The weather is beginning to turn so I have been busy putting up the wood for winter. We use wood heat and it takes about five cords of wood to get us through the winter. Sounds harder that it actually is. We normally have the wood delivered (logs) and I saw and split it and fill the wood box. This year I have been going to a friends and getting a load every other day in my little truck. Have about 1/3 of the wood already cut, split and drying. It will be ready for the end of Oct when we begin using it.

Found my birth certificate this a.m., have been looking for a time. The SS has me a year older and it makes a big difference on my retirement and finances.

Heading down to Oregon to the Portland Marathon in two weeks, then to Seattle two weeks after that for a missions conference, then back to Houston three weeks later to see my grandson. Will be escorting my mother, this will be her 41st grandchild. I am just happy for the one!