HarajukuDoll at ldoll The reason why i disappeared apparently is that I've been busy to prepare my stock for ldoll festival...and it has been an hard work!XD
ldoll festival will take place on 5/6 of october(this week end) in Lyon.
This will be my 3rd edition as amateur exhibitor and the 4th of the festival. In the map you can see my position in the exhibiting space. I'm number 43 and my stand is named HarajukuDoll. There you'll find me Flo and my adorable husband Loris. Don't be shy...'cause the main reason why we love to attend the festival is meet new amazing people...so come to say hi!XD
This year I'm gonna present a collection of one of a kind outfits in various style...from casual , mori and similar to burlesque and fantasy. And collection of handmade boots.
I've focused my works on slim msd size only due to lack of time, but If you see somthing that you may like in different size don't esitate to ask. I'll avaliable after event in commission for:
lati yellow,
yo sd slim
narsha and lati green
slim msd and standard msd(volks planetdoll and non mature msd)
sd(luts delf and imda 5.2)
all female outfit
and male fashion it's possible in
lati yellow,narsha and JID iplehouse.