name Chocolat
lust delf lishe normal skin. She's on the oldest body
make up: brand new one by Phantastica Aesthetics, that als gave her tattoos in kawaii theme on her body and also and pedi.
style: with the new make-up I've asked Stella to try to give her a less mature make he look more cute and kawaii...and this I'd love to be her style...I've to experiment a lot...'cause I'm not very used to SD fashion...and I have to find yet the best shapes to dress her body. In despite of her big breast i'd love her to wear stuff not sexy...but something crazy and fun. For this reason I was thinking about Decora lolita style... I've never made anything in that style...and I definaltely want to try on her!!
how she came: I've bought her second had from skippymetal and it has been a lovely experience...'cause we met in person and it has been so cuuute!!
what i like in the doll: i really adore her wonderful and beautiful face...mouth shape...nose...and long big eyes...she's perfect for me.
what I don't like:The body is not the best...not so graceful as I'd like...but I'm sure I'll find the way to better the situation with the proper fitting clothes!!

name Jacqueline Scary Hollow
imda natassa 5.2 ex feisty dreamer.
make-up: by Phantastica Aesthetics
style:Jacqueline is a strange and weir most of my dolls still require a lot of work before coming to life. I imagine her like a sort of dark and gothic clwnesque creature.
what i like in the doll: the gorgeous ...sweet and lovely face...and the body shape
what i don't's really a mess...I need to find a way to emprve it.

name Tristan
switch scar soseo on hummingdolly body
make-up: limited from switch
style: He came totally unexpected...he is a prize I won from switch at ldoll festival.
I've never tought to have a big boy...and i need time to study him.
what i like in the doll: everything... he is and cute at the same time. sculpt is amazing.
what i don't like: maybe I'd never bought a boy...but he is here...and i felt in love.