Now i collect bjd since 2007 and my family has got many changes but not too much...'cause I rarely change my mind after buying a new doll...sometimes it takes me an ethernity before she look exactly how I planned...but I rarely give up!
I'm gonna make a little list of my bjd family with the re-style plan I have for each of them with a litt bit of history on how it came to me!XD It's a job I'm planning from long time but now I've a little bit of time more to make it so i'm gonna start.
I'd love to find perfect eyes, wig and style for each of them.
This is a memo list that I basically do for my self...but happy to share so I decided to post here...and I'm opened to suggestion and comments as well!
this artcle is dedicated to tiny and yo-sd sized dolls.
tiny bjd
lati yellow mystic lami vampire
name:Drella (it came from a nickname thet was given in the factory to A. Wharol)
make-up:default...I'm not sure if keep it or not yet.
style: yet to define...I'm very in difficult to find fot her a wig I like according to make-up...and I'm not yet the best in making such tiny clothes... I'd love to make her a burlesque style...but as you can imagine burlesque is not the easiest style to create for such a tiny shape!
how she came: I get her in a double exchange made with kikisdoll on flickr.
what I like in the doll: most of all her tiny cuteee! and especially the eyesight...that make the little doll so funny and sometimes sarcastic looking!
yo-sd sized
Sseiren Soo
name: Nastia (came from an article about a photo book where there was beautiful picture of aristocratic modern child)
make-up: default but I'd really love to change it... I'm still searching for a concrete inspiration...but it didn't came yet.
style: I'm planning with her a sort of clochard doll...inspired by a period of my life where I've been homless and living litteraly on the street. I was not such a sad period how someone can suppose...and I'd really love to reflect it in this doll final look.
how she came: I bought her at ldoll festival directly from sseiren stand.
what I like in the doll: unconventional face style...she seems so seriuous...! I'd love to find someone can make a natural but intense make-up with a lot of details...since the sculpt is pretty simple...I think it need to add more depth and texture with make-up to make her alive.
Migidoll Limited Emma v1
name: Lolita
make-up : limited set default
style: as her name says she'll be a little lolita doll. classic style with laces frills and so on.I'm still working on patterns for her clothes...but the style is decided! yay!!
how she came: I bought her directly from migidoll stand in lyon Ldoll festival.
what I like in the doll: she's got a chubby and adorable face and a very posable body.
Lati Green Lea
name: Chiara
make-up:by Luna, but I'm gonna change it...and i really don't know how yet
style:I really have no Idea yet..
how she came: she's a gift from my friend Chiara
what i like in the doll: big eyes....and the mouth expression a little bit sad

Dollmore Narsha
name: Étoile
make-up by Phantastica Aestethics
style: gothic but with childish accents
how she came: she's one of the oldest and most ruined dolls I have. I bought her second hand at DoA ages ago...after selling my Narsha called Absinthe( i was having unoa needed funds) but I immediately felt I've done a big mistake when she I've bought a second hand one in french resin...and the doll that came was totally a mess...not only yellowed...but all she has beaten with a thanks to Stella help she now is a "yellow" beauty!XD
Narsha is my first dolly love ever and one day I'll buy a new one in not french resin...but Étoile is one of my favourite anyway!
what i like in the doll: she pose...her sculpt is so you already understood I'm in love with her!XD

I also own a custom house ange ai hani...but after bringing my mum to the italian doll convention(first time she came to see all the dolls in her life) i realized she deserved a doll of it's own so she now is my mum's doll!XD

I'm not sure I'm gonna add more tiny except for a narsha sleepy or a zihu...that for sure one day will come.
I also felt in love with momocolor sculpt in tan skin Michelle especially! not sure wich body i prefer...but i like her so much and momocolor Sophie in ns is beautiful too! (they're afordable....and I think probably I'll able to get one!XD)
and a Dust of Doll is my forbidden dream...maybe one far!XD
and Modigli from imda is another tiny that I love so much!! in both sizes!

that's all for the tiny part of my family... I'm gonna work more on them in this period to find proper accessories and style for each of them...cause they're all came (except for narsha) in the period I was quite depressed...and so they need to be that I feel better!!