Today i've found an opportunity, that maybe will help my life to take the direction I'd love.
so I'm not sure that this chance will be the good one...but it's a light...and this is good.
I've found an announcement in a local paper where and artisan is going to rest for becoming old ....and is tryin' to find someone who can keep with the activity she built in these years...and I've called...and tomorrow i'll go to see the place...and if everithing will be as i've understood talking to her...maybe I'm gonna start my own artisan activity...after 14 years... I'm gonna start to make again what i love as job....
that would be a dream and if not with this chance...will bve the next...but will be cause i want it to be!
I'm happy today, full of hope and want to stay strong and up!! I wanted only to share with you how i feel