getting ready for ldoll festival 2013 This year I'll be again at Ldoll festival with my own stand.
This for me will be the 3rd edition and is great...when I've hearded about the festival, the first edition... I've never thought about having a place of my own for showing my work to real person (to hear them commenting and taking picture of what i make!), to have the chance to meet so many great dolly artist and admire many beautiful and different dolls in one place...the second edition i took all the braveness that I've been able to find in myself...and decided to take this adventure...and omg I liked it a lot!! My husband has been with me all the time at the stand and he has been the most cute and lovely companion even if I'm shy, my french speaking is a mess... it has been a very beautiful end full of emotion experience.
I really love what I do with my all I sew i put a lot of to know that many people appreciate it.. it's for me a joy for the soul...!
The second edition has been beautiful and my love was with me this year too..and finally he learned that all not the bjd with thin waist and nice face are mnf!XD...but I've been quite sad...'cause due to job problems and healt table was not beautiful as i wanted...but I've met many new people and I've been happy by the way!
when I came back home from life had a big changing...and now I'm finally free...
I'm crazy 'cause we both lost job...and I'm happy...but you can't imagine how terrible the situation was in my house in that period...we call it the black era...
And this year i took the decision that I want to give my life a brand new do what i love to do and try to survive with this...I don't matter if many people thik that graphic,sewing and creating are not a job...I decided that they will be my my stand this edition will be full of joy and emotion!! i promise!