it happened today

and all i want to do

is stand in the bathroom

and breath the trace

of your cologne


i couldn't leave

you, growing cold

under the sheet

your limbs starting

to stiffen


i kissed your hands

the inside of your elbow

your eyes

all your favorite places

then i lay my head

on your shoulder

my spot


i still want to be

there with you

warming all i had left

let the nurses

peak nervously in and

retrieve their machines

with their tubes and wires

taking with them

every ounce of their pity


i am there

even now

in that bed

where i died



someone tore apart

half of my house

and i'll leave it

open to wind and wet and rot

because anything new

would be less



Kevin Ward

May 26, 1965 - June 18, 2008


i love you, baby

only you