I can love you
With my teeth
At the slide where
Your shoulders
Meet your neck.

I'll pull the promise
From your tongue
As our lives
Like a top
Spinning off the table.

And we'll meet
At that warm slip of skin,
That center
Where like steam
Our wills release
Their crooked souls
And the husks
Roll away
As my fingertips
Trail fire
Across your ribs.

Let my skin whisper
As we wrest ourselves
From our sighs
And roll away
Until we are miles
From the landscape
Of our living room;
The blanket gathering
   Beneath me
The table
The candles
Our stories…
But they are trapped in our current
So we'll pull it all under
As we try to drown each other
And everything we cling to.


We'll have to come up for air
So I'll drift on your breathing.

As we sleep, my will
Will find itself again
Creeping its way back home.
And in the morning, I'll greet
You over a cup of coffee and try
To meet you again in this other skin.