I lived in the Middle East for almost three years and travelled all over the region looking for ancient theatres and performing arts. I knew Romans had built many of their best theatres in the Middle East and I wanted to see them. I visited one in Lebanon (Byblos), two in Syria (Palmyra, Bosra) and four in Jordan (Gerasa, Gadara, Amman, Petra). The best preserved of them all was the theatre in Bosra, a village in the south of Syria, close to the border with Jordan. It was built in the second half of the II century. It is the best preserved because for hundreds of years the sand of the desert covered the fortress built by Muslims and the original building within.

With an exceptional acoustic it is 102 meters long and it could seat more than 12000 people.

The video and photographs were taken in January 2005. Even if they are not the best to show the magnificence of the theatre they are my only way to share this visit.

You can find more information about the theatre in this address: http://www.bosracity.com/pages/theatre.htm