Dear friends. I have not been very active uploading photos or commenting on your photos lately and the reason for that is I was not able to do that while I was at sea. Our access to the internet was restricted for some time, but things have changed for the better, so now I will be able to upload photos and comment again. You can expect to see me visiting your sites soon so hopefully I am back in business :)

I went to Iceland for nearly three weeks during my last holidays to play golf, so I can say that most of the photos I took while I was there were taken while I was playing golf all around Iceland. I participated in the Icelandic Golf Championship tournament, and that tournament was held in Vestmannaeyjar (West man Islands) one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. I took few nice photos in Vestmannaeyjar so I will defiantly post some of these photos here so you can see how beautiful this Island is.
I stayed with my parents in Ísafjörður for over two weeks so I took the opportunity while I was there to take photos of the things that did not interest me while I lived there. I am not sure if it is right of me to say that these things did not interest me because these things were just what I had in front of my eyes every day while I was growing up; our neighbors’ house, the street where I spent most of my time when I was growing up, the bakery where I bought my favorite chocolate buns, our beautiful old hospital and so on, but unfortunately many of the things that I saw when I was growing up are long gone. After I moved to Vancouver I realized I did not have that many photos from my home town that I could show to my wife’s family, so I made sure I would take enough photos while I was there now. Ísafjörður is a small town of only 4000 people so I am used to know most of the people I meet while walking through town, but when I went to town to take pictures one beautiful sunny morning, the town was full of tourists. These tourists came from two cruise ships that were visiting Ísafjörður that day. It was a strange feeling walking through town that early in the morning seeing all those people in the streets because if it was an ordinary day I could not expect to see more than 10 people on the streets that early in the morning :) It was also a strange feeling for me to be walking among all those strangers with my big camera taking pictures like a tourist in my own home town.
Best regards,
Gunnsteinn :)