I have been a member on Ipernity since August 9th 2007 and I have been a member on Flickr for a year now. I am still using both sites and I am sure I will continue to do that. One of the reasons why I signed up here in stet of only staying at Flickr, was because I liked to have blog, though I was not sure what to do with it, and also because I was able to store video and music; which I actually have not done so far :)

I had only been here for three weeks when I wrote in my blog that I was getting bored. I thought this site was too slow and that there was so little activity here. I did not like the fact that we did not have any groups and I also complained allot about “What’s hot” because that site was as boring and static as it possibly could be. Now less than three months later, (it actually feels likes two years because I have been in front of the screen for so long) I am enjoying this site as much- or even more than my Flickr site. We have groups here now but I am not using them as much as I thought I would, and I have to admit that most of the time I even forget they exist :) I was one of the people that shouted the loudest for groups, and though I am still sure that having groups adds to the fun, it is not as vital to keep Ipernity alive as I thought :)

This community has always been a little bit different than the community on flickr, and I am sure it has nothing to do with having groups or not. One of the reasons why I think Ipernity is a little bit different and more personal is the fact that we are able to see who has been visiting our site and because of how we are able to reply directly to comments we get. That part makes most of us communicate more with our friends than we would do on flickr.

The site “What’s hot” has changed a little bit for the better, but the biggest change so far is the fact that I have one photo there now :) Jibby ja jay :) This is my first photo there so I am very happy about that :) I can even admit that I have been looking at “What’s hot” every ten minutes to see how my baby is doing :) Everyone who has read this far knows that I am only trying to promote my photo with this blog, so please play along and vote for “Banff National Park” and keep me happy :)

I think “what’s hot” needs a facelift. I know how happy and exited I got when I saw my photo being posted there so I know it would be a good idea for our hard working Iperntiy staff to try to find a way to change that site again. It would be nice if more of our fellow members could see their own work there, and it would also be nice if we could see photos from more Iperntiy members. Allot of members are posting great photos every day so I think we need to get photos through “What’s hot” more quickly. It might even be a good idea to have few more sites that works similar to “What’s hot”. What’s hot might be like it is today but photos would not stay there for more than a week. We could have three more sites, Gold Silver and Bronze, and in those sites we would be able to …….. bla bla bla … I have not thought this over so I will have to put my trust in our great Ipernity staff to find a solution :) I like how this works at Flickr, but I am afraid that if I mention that site, no one will read this blog :)

I know our staff is probably working hard every day to make this site better so I just want to say, keep up the good work guys :)