Do I have some mental illness ? I ask this question to myself many times ,and I have given this question to my intimate friend , but no help ;The situation I am in makes me sink into a  immense mesery ;

When I stay with a total stranger ,I'm happy to talk with him , and I can look steadily at her eyes ,feeling confortable ; when I stay with a acquaintance(not friend ) along, such like colleagus, especially female (as I am) , I feel very uneasy ; I cannot talk freely ;When touch her look ,   I get  blushed ; My voice get nevouse; I try to control , but lose; The situation is totally different when there are 3+ people, I get  conversational , many topics , the atmosphere is laugh-bound ;

I go to work by company van everyday , I sit in the backseat with other two girls ; One girl is in holiday these two days ; I wake up  at midnight , and began to worry about the coming embarrassed scene in morning ;As expected , we have nothing to talk and looked outside each; It is embarrassed for we talk a lot when we three sit together ; MG , how can I over this nightmare ;