pixie, ragnheidur, gurry gudfinns og sigjoi went shooting a while ago. Three of them have since then uploaded wonderful shots were they used Ragga's 10-stop ND filter ... the shots are so fabulous that we all want that filter and expect to have shots like that right away (in our dreams :) ). I was having my cellphone fixed today and had an hour to kill while the repairman did his magic. What else was there to do than visit my camera dealer I asked about the filters and he pointed out a solution that is something worth considering. Instead of buying one 10-stop filter, there is the possibility of buying two or even three. A 4-stop and a 6-stop for example and then you have three filters in one. You have 4 and 6 and as we know, filters can by joined by the hip, so to speak and then you have the ten. The camera guy's opinion was that the 10 stop filter was pretty limited and it would be more fun to be able to combine two or use one at a time.

Well, I thought I would share what he had to say about the different possibilities. Of course buying two filters is more expensive, but you don't have to buy them at the same time.

Over and out.