We met late last night, Oddur Jonsson, Pixie, Ragnheidur, Vala, Gurry and I and went hunting for the Northern lights. Apart from actually catching some Aurora Borealis, some of us found out that some of us actually have night vision, with out night vision binoculars and some of us are blind as bats and would rather go for a stroll than harming ourself climbing rocks in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of the night.

Because Oddur and I had the furthest to travel, me from Copenhagen and he from Isafjordur, our ETA was indeed the actual time of arrival. Those who live in Hafnarfjordur, the place we met, they came later than late :)

We had fun and as always, I learned a lot. Ok ok, it might not be so clear that I did learn something last night, but I did, I will just have to demonstrate that at another time :) Ragnheidur won a blue ribbon on dpchallenge this week, but we got no champagne and no cigars. Luckily, we are a patient bunch of shooters.

Thanks for the fun, I am glad we could do this at such short notice.