As of today, you can learn Icelandic on the Internet. Two good friends of mine and I, have started a language school on the Internet and to begin with, we will be teaching Icelandic. German and Spanish and Italian to follow in the New Year.

We have 8 years of experience teaching Icelandic on the Internet, and even if you are a complete beginner, we feel confident that you will learn the basics and be able to make yourself understood in Icelandic.

Welcome to Tungumálaskólinn at

Välkommen till Tungumálaskólinn. Nu kan du lära dig isländska på webben.

Velkommen til Tungumálaskólinn. Du kan lære dig islandsk med hjælp af Internet.

Velkomin í Tungumálaskólann. Íslenska sem erlent mál - nýbúanámskeið á netinu.